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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

RefBan.com - Great income opportunity with 10 referral levels!

RefBan.com - Get $0.10 / day just to display banners on your site!


In this post we're introducing an amazing new program created mainly for banner advertising from the Rogue group (owning wordlinx.com). RefBan.com works just like any other banner network advertising site like adsense, adhitz etc. However it is very innovative and much more profitable than them.

How it works and why is it any different than the rest :

First of all, you typically generate the site's html banner space code according to your needs and select a couple of targeting categories that are compatible with your site's content. This way they will know which banners should be displayed on your site and which shouldn't.

After putting the generated html code on your site you offer that banner space to RefBan, you are considered a publisher and you will earn $0.05 / day. However you can double that earning ratio to $0.10 / day by gaining advertiser status. You can do that just by purchasing any banner advertising package through the site which start from $15 for 50.000 targeted banner impressions (bigger packages have bigger discounts).

What about earnings from our referrals?

Well, here is the best part of it.. publishers earn 15% commission of every package their direct (Tier 1) referrals purchase and advertisers earn 30% commission of that.

And we also earn a bonus of $0.01 / $0.02 (publishers / advertisers) everytime one of our referrals in 10 levels of downline becomes active.

Anything else?

If you need more information on the program please :

  1. Read our detailed review.
  2. Follow our forum discussion on ReBan where we clarify everything (feel free to ask any question too)
  3. Contact us directly through this form.

If you're ready to earn with it feel free to join through our team :

RefBan.com - Get $0.10 / day just to display banners on your site!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

GetRef.com - The best way to get active referrals

What is GetRef?

GetRef is a program that offers you many ways to get referrals for your PT programs. It acts as a middle man for you to get in contact with potential referrals and make deals with them so that they stay active after they join your program. It is very hard these days to get new referrals for your programs plus advertising is usually very expensive and most of the times leads to getting referrals that become inactive after a while. So GetRef is here to help you improve the quality of your referrals so that they help you earn more with them.

How does it work?

GetRef is using a crediting system where you spend credits to get referrals for your PT programs. Also, in order to ensure referral quality it has a feedback rating system just like the one on ebay so that you are able to define if a user is trustworthy or not. The way it works generally is that a promoter of a PT program offers some credits under a condition to every referral that joins that program using his referral link. Then when a GetRef member decides to join a promoter's program, he enters a testing period that gives the promoter some time to track his activity and help him decide whether he will accept or deny the transaction.

How can somebody get credits on GetRef?

There are plenty of ways to earn credits on GetRef:
1. Join a program successfully under some other member.
If you join a program and satisfy the requirements set by the promoter then you will receive the credits he promised or he will get a penalty in his feedback rating. Make sure you check a member's feedback rating before joining his program. That ensures the trustworthiness of the promoter. Also, make sure you join only programs that you are actually going to work on. If you are active on a site long after your sign-up, the promoter has the opportunity to give you bonus credits that will give him a star in his own feedback as a promoter.

2. Click on links just like any other PTC.
There is a text ads section on the site where you receive credits for clicking links by other members. That is a fast and easy way to receive credits though the amount received is really small. But it's really useful and cheap to use on advertising.

3. Purchase them directly
You can always purchase credits using PayPal or Payza at these rates:
20 credits cost $5  if you are a Standard Member.
25 credits cost $5  if you are a Golden  Member.

4. Directly refer members to GetRef.
You get credits for every active referral you directly refer to GetRef. You receive these credits once they earn their own first credits on the site by joining a program under some other member:
2 credits  if you are a Standard Member.
4 credits if you are a Golden Member.

5. Build a big downline in GetRef.
You receive 10% of what your referrals earn down to 5 levels deep. And Gold Members receive free random referrals almost every day. Note that you won't get the credits from step 4 from free random referrals. It only works for referrals that you directly refer. But still you get 10% of the credits they earn from all these possible ways. So building a huge downline in GetRef would help you get more credits which translate to more referrals for your programs like PTCBox.

How can I spend credits to receive active referrals in GetRef?

You can get active referrals for your PT programs using these steps:
1. Go to "Spend -> Buy Referrals for your program" (From the GetRef menu)
2. Find and select the program you are promoting from the list. (In case it's missing you can send an email to getref@hotmail.com for it to be added to the list - the admin states that he might join as your first referral this way).
3. Type your own specific program member ID in the first field and assign the amount of credits you'd like to give to anyone who joins your program. Keep in mind that there's a bidding going on and you can see the list of current credit bids to the right up corner of the page. You can see how many credits are currently offered for this program by other members of GetRef.
4. Write down a description about the program, and clearly state the requirements that the joiner has to fulfill to get credited after he joins as your downline during a 3 day testing period. Usually we require a number of ads to be clicked during these 3 days. You are not allowed to require someone to invest in order to get credited.
5. Write down a second condition that if the member satisfies, during a second testing period, (which can be up to a month), you will give your referral some bonus credits. In this condition you are allowed to require a member to upgrade but you should be generous with your offer when asking something like that. This second condition is optional.
6. Once a member decides to join your program you have 3 days to track his activity and figure out if he's active enough to deserve your credits. Plus you can motivate him to upgrade within 30 days by offering a large amount of GetRef credits.
7. Also you can always use GetRef's internal messaging system talk directly to them and figure out if they are serious about the program or offer them help in case they find difficulties in using it.

This way GetRef helps you ensure the quality of the referrals you receive.

Are there other ways to receive referrals through GetRef?

Yes, in fact you can use GetRef for advertising just like any other site. You can pay with credits for advertising through these two sections :

1. Text PTCs
By going to "Spend -> Buy explosures for your link" (Through GetRef menu) you can spend credits to receive visits from GetRef active members that get paid to click on your ad. Unlike other PTCs this is really cheap in GetRef as prices start as low as 1000 hits / $1.

2. Text ad on the home page of GetRef
By going to "Spend -> Buy a text ad on the site" (Through GetRef menu) you can spend credits to purchase an ad spot on the home page of GetRef. Prices are very cheap there too as you can use a bidding system to get your own spot. GetRef home page receives more than 10.000 views every day, so it's really worth it.

How does upgrading to Golden in GetRef help me get more active referrals?

Golden membership is really cheap and you can purchase it for only $4.69 / month which is really too low for what it's worth. There are many privileges that Golden Members get, some of which are the following :

1. Get double the credits when you join a program under a GetRef member.
2. Get double the credits a person you directly refered earns by joining a program through GetRef.
3. Get random referrals every day (members that joined GetRef without a referrer).
4. Get more credits at the same price (At the price of 20 credits, you get 25).
5. Prevent users with a low earn rating from joining your programs.
6. Get the ability to ban specific users.
7. Send unlimited messages through the GetRef messaging system.
8. Earn $0.05 for every program you join and $0.02 when a golden member in your downline joins a program.
9. Plus you are not getting a negative penalty at your feedback when you decline members that have low earning rating.

How can I join GetRef?

Keep in mind that if you use most of these methods GetRef can really help you build an active downline for all your PT programs like PTCBox. In case you're still interested in joining GetRef please click on this banner :

Good luck with your own referrals!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Payment Processors

In this page you're going to learn how to use electronic Payment Processors as a way to pay and get paid online. This is important cause you need a way to connect yourself to the sites' wallet in order to give or take money.

What is a Payment Processor?

A Payment Processor is a company that handles money movement from a customer to a seller. You need to have a bank account or credit/debit card in order to make purchases online. But it is very insecure to give out such personal data to potential internet scammers. So it would be better if there was a safer way to trade that keeps such data private. What if there was a middle man that both you  and the seller trust and handle your transactions for you? That's actually what Payment Processors do, put in a simple way. 

Which Payment Processors do we need?

There are many, but in the PT world we mainly use 2 of them which by the way are the most trustworthy of all. They both have a high reputation score and are leading the money transfers on the web. You've most likely heard of both of them. So, here we go : 

Payment Processor #1 - PayPal

PayPal is the world's number one payment processor that handles payments from credit/debit cards, bank accounts or even PayPal Balance, which is something like an online wallet that automatically does your currency exchanges for you. First of all you need to open a PayPal account by clicking here :

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Follow the instructions on site and visit their help page in order to get more information about  PayPal. Also make sure you check out their T.O.S. You need to be very careful not to violate any of their terms in order to avoid problems with your account.

Payment Processor #2 - Payza

Payza is the next bigger payment processor that is accepted in the most PT sites. Some say it's even better than  PayPal  but for now we would suggest you to use it in certain cases that PayPal is not accepted. Create a Payza account here :

Well now that you have created your e-wallets you are ready to start earning from PT programs. From now on we will start reviewing the current online business opportunities that are legit and profitable. So move on to the next post and start earning right away!

Friday, April 27, 2012

How to make money online

Is it even possible? Making money online may sound like a joke for some but in this blog I'll show you that if you seriously think about it and work your way through, you WILL succeed. So, let's get started and make some money out of it..

The Advertising Theory

Before we start you need to understand about the internet is that it's not about fun, it's not about information, not about knowledge or communication. The main purpose of the internet, the reason it exists and grows day by day is only this.. EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET IS ABOUT ADVERTISING! Keep that in mind as it will help you see things online from a whole different point of view.

Every time you search something on the web, every time you watch a video, every time you play a game, or read an article about something exciting or funny.. literally EVERY TIME you do ANYTHING on the internet SOMEONE gets paid for you doing that. You might as well disagree at first but honestly take a closer look.. Look around your inbox, check out what you find after every video you watch on you tube.. check around your search results, you will see ads everywhere.. EVERYTHING ONLINE IS ADVERTISING SPACE! INTERNET IS ABOUT ADVERTISING!

Advertisement Types

Now, I'm going to explain to you how you can take advantage of that advertising space and make some money out of it. When a site or a video or a blog post or any content attracts a high amount of views, people get interested in advertising there. You have definitely seen it everywhere you just haven't payed attention.

When you check your email etc. in gmail you see some "text ads" on top. When a you tube video ends you see some "featured videos". When you search something in google you get some "featured results". Every time you see these ads you must remember that someone has paid money for them to be visible to you so that you get attracted and click on them. Then might be interested in what they offer and purchase some product or service they serve. That's how advertising works. The result is usually the same, only the means change. Remember, more traffic means better advertising.

So now it's obvious that major sites like Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook etc. that have millions of visitors every day are making huge profits by advertisers that pay these companies for their advertisements to be shown there. What we're going to deal with is some special sites that serve solely as advertising space using a smart method.

Affiliate Marketing

Imagine that you own a site and you want to make money with it. First of all you need to attract visitors in order to raise your world ranking among every other site online. One way to attract visitors is to advertise your site in other sites with better ranking. Another faster but more expensive way is create a huge member list by offering them some profit. But the best way to earn money is to connect advertisers with their potential customers and get money from it.

Here's a simple example. If an advertiser paid you 3 cents to find him a potential customer you could keep 2  cents  and offer 1  cent to anybody who gets in touch with the advertiser through you. That's a profitable way but it would work even better if you simply kept 1  cent and give the rest 2 cents to anybody who gets in touch with the advertiser through you but also does the same with another potential customer. This is called Affiliate Marketing and every person each one directs to the advertiser is called referral. When referring someone as a potential customer you are called his sponsor.

So think about it.. everybody shares a profit of the advertisers investment while the advertiser earns from promoting his business through your site. So a chain reaction is causing your site to attract more visitors which lead to more advertiser which means bigger profits. But you don't have the skills or talent or time to deal with all this stuff as a site owner, so how could you use this method to earn money. Well you can always use sites that others have created and earn by being the potential customer and by referring other potential customers to those sites.

The So-Called PT Sites

The type of sites we described above are called PT (Paid-To) sites because they pay you to view advertisements. They have the funds to pay you because advertisers have bought advertising space in them. So if you are a member in each of these sites you will get paid an amount of their profits for viewing their ads. Some famous PT site types are the PTC, PTR and PTS. Here is a simple explanation on what they mean:

PTC (Paid-To-Click) - These sites offer you some text or banner ads that you will earn by clicking them and visiting their links.

PTR (Paid-To-Read) - These sites serve you advertisements using your email inbox and you get paid to visit the links provided in each email you get.

PTS (Paid-To-Signup) - These sites pay you to complete offers such as signing up as somebody's referral in another site.

So now you know about PTC, PTR and PTS. What else is there to know?

Keep away from scammers!

As in every other kind of business there are people who are cheating the system in order to make money at your expense. Usually PT sites offer bigger earnings if you invest in them by purchasing upgraded membership. This would multiply your earnings but put you in risk of losing money instead of earning. Now how can you predict if a site owner will keep his promises or run away with your money? The fact is you can never really know. But you can put limits on how big the risk will be.

Some proven methods are to test a site as a standard member first, see if it pays off and then invest if you can trust it. Also you could take advice from older affiliate marketers. It is true that experienced affiliate marketers don't easily get scammed. Do your research in money making forums, and seek their help. You can also contact me in order to do that research for you. Leave a comment below and I'll get to review a site for you.

How to detect scams over legit programs?

Moreover you can notice some signs that show that a site is scamming while trying to appear as legit. Some of these signs are the following.. Think twice before investing in a site that:

  • promises too much or sounds too good to be true. It's a fact that you can't get rich overnight in the affiliate marketing business.
  • offers too much for too small investments. If an ad costs 1 cent to the advertiser while the site pays $1 or more for every visitor something is not right.
  • doesn't clarify when or how and how much you get paid.
  • doesn't offer support on their services. When there's no contact form, no forum nor ticketing system then the owner obviously doesn't want you to contact him.
  • offers no free service. This way you can't actually test if a site is legit without risk so it is better to avoid these sites.
  • have a bad reputation. RESEARCH BEFORE YOU JOIN! That is the key to not getting scammed. If you find out members are complaining all the time instead of being happy then something is wrong with the site.. not the members.

Training is complete!

That's it! You are almost ready to start earning money. Only a few things must be done firstly. Consider it as a preparation. Next post is about how you make purchases and how you get paid using online payment processors.