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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

RefBan.com - Great income opportunity with 10 referral levels!

RefBan.com - Get $0.10 / day just to display banners on your site!


In this post we're introducing an amazing new program created mainly for banner advertising from the Rogue group (owning wordlinx.com). RefBan.com works just like any other banner network advertising site like adsense, adhitz etc. However it is very innovative and much more profitable than them.

How it works and why is it any different than the rest :

First of all, you typically generate the site's html banner space code according to your needs and select a couple of targeting categories that are compatible with your site's content. This way they will know which banners should be displayed on your site and which shouldn't.

After putting the generated html code on your site you offer that banner space to RefBan, you are considered a publisher and you will earn $0.05 / day. However you can double that earning ratio to $0.10 / day by gaining advertiser status. You can do that just by purchasing any banner advertising package through the site which start from $15 for 50.000 targeted banner impressions (bigger packages have bigger discounts).

What about earnings from our referrals?

Well, here is the best part of it.. publishers earn 15% commission of every package their direct (Tier 1) referrals purchase and advertisers earn 30% commission of that.

And we also earn a bonus of $0.01 / $0.02 (publishers / advertisers) everytime one of our referrals in 10 levels of downline becomes active.

Anything else?

If you need more information on the program please :

  1. Read our detailed review.
  2. Follow our forum discussion on ReBan where we clarify everything (feel free to ask any question too)
  3. Contact us directly through this form.

If you're ready to earn with it feel free to join through our team :

RefBan.com - Get $0.10 / day just to display banners on your site!

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